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The Jamaica Conservation and Development Trust (JCDT) is a non-government organization incorporated and registered as a charity in 1988. The organization was established by a group of professionals who recognized that economic development in Jamaica will only be sustained if the natural environment is conserved.



To be a leading Environmental NGO, developing, implementing, advocating and marketing the concept and practice of sustainable development and environmental protection in all spheres of endeavour, locally and internationally with particular focus on the management of the Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park.




The JCDT is governed by a Board of Directors selected at Annual General Meetings, by the membership of the organization. The Government of Jamaica does not appoint any Directors. Lead by the Executive Director, an efficient and professional team of technical and administrative staff are responsible for implementing projects geared at achieving the organisation’s goals and objectives. The majority of these projects support the management programmes of the Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park.


History of the JCDT

A History of JCDT (1987/8 – 2014/15)

The following is partially based on a presentation made by Mr. Michael White, a founding member of the JCDT at the organisation’s 21st Anniversary reception, March, 2010



JCDT has played a critical role in the process including the evaluation visit from ICOMOS and IUCN and the preparation of supplementary information. In May, 2015, Jamaica received word that the two independent evaluating bodies had recommended inscription of the core, Preservation Zone of the National Park for both natural and cultural heritage values. This will make the Blue and John Crow Mountains one of only 32 World Heritage Sites inscribed for BOTH natural and cultural heritage values – there is no other such site in the Caribbean.

Every 5 years, with the help of an external facilitator, JCDT conducts a planning activity during which Board, staff and other stakeholders reflect on the performance of the organisation and plan for the next five years. Using the data from its monthly and annual reports, the organisation assesses achievement of the goals and objectives in the Strategic Plan for the previous five years. In addition, it uses a specialised tool for Institutional Self Assessment (developed by The Nature Conservancy) which considers indicators for leadership, organisational management, human resources etc. Finally, it asks the opinion of several stakeholders. This information helps the organisation plan for the future in a way that builds on its strengths, addresses weak areas and takes advantage of opportunities. These five year plans guide annual work-plans which keep the organisation focused on achievement of its targets, objectives, goals and ultimately its mission.


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The JCDT appreciates the involvement and support of our Partners, Donors and Sponsors

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